Yeah, this is me. Follow me on this journey and you will find out exactly how to promote yourself online

Self-promotion for artists: why I launched a blog where I give away 19 years of marketing experience for free to actors, dancers, entertainers and performers in general. If you are an aspiring dancer, actor, choreographer, screenwriter, director, video editor, makeup artist or any other showbiz and performance related job, chances are that an agent told you that you “should build a social media following”. Having worked in marketing and digital communication for almost 19 years, that advice makes me furious. I want to help artists figure out how to promote yourself online, not just on social media, but everywhere. How to think strategically about the greatest resource you have: yourself.

How to plan for social media and web success to support your showbiz career whether you are a dancer, actor, singer, writer, director or circus director Now that you are on board with the idea of taking care of your personal brand, let’s look at how to do it. Let’s start from the beginning, with the overall digital strategy. This is kind of high-level, so we’ll look a the whole shebang and we’ll dive into the specifics in the following blog posts. Ready? Let’s get it on! First, let me repeat the “One Truth” (patent pending): You are your own company, your name is your brand and your craft is your product. The One Truth is fundamental and you always[…]

Too often agents drop the social media bomb on aspiring artists, but do you really need it? Simply put: yes. Yes, you do. Even if you are already lining up jobs back to back, you should still care. Social media, and digital channels in general, are fundamental to establish who you are as a performer, connect with fans and improve how sellable you are.