Alessandro AL Valentini

Digital Strategist | Performer | Lifelong Learner

Welcome to My World

I'm Alessandro, a digital strategist who choreographs business growth. My journey has taken me from the stages of Italy to the boardrooms of the UK, blending technology, business, and art in unique ways.

"I don't just think outside the box - I redesign it, often incorporating elements from seemingly unrelated fields to create innovative solutions."

Professional Tapestry

With over two decades of experience in digital marketing and growth strategy, I've led teams across diverse industries. From fashion startups to tech companies, from media groups to charities, I've brought a blend of creativity and data-driven insights to every role.

My approach is shaped by my background in performing arts, allowing me to direct marketing campaigns with the precision of a stage production, while ensuring performance is powered by robust analytics.

Beyond the Professional

Born and raised in Italy, I've called the UK home since 2014. I'm a proud cat parent to seven feline friends, each with their own personality and story. My life partner and I have been together since 2011, recently celebrating our love with an intimate wedding surrounded by our closest queer friends.

My journey of self-discovery has led me to question traditional notions of gender. I consider myself gender-neutral, valuing the essence of individuality over societal labels.

The pandemic brought challenges that pushed us to our limits, but through therapy and mutual support, we emerged stronger. This experience deepened my interest in mental health and personal growth.

Worldview and Beliefs

I'm passionate about creating a more equitable world. I believe in the potential for a new economic paradigm that combines the best aspects of socialism with decentralized democratic governance.

My curiosity extends to the unexplained. I'm open to the possibility of supernatural phenomena and intrigued by the UAP/UFO topic, always seeking to understand the mysteries that surround us.

Above all, I value authenticity, continuous learning, and the power of human connection. Whether in business or personal life, I strive to bring my full, multifaceted self to every interaction.