How sertraline changed my life and my relationship with anxiety

Sertraline changed my life. Let me tell you about it. As you know, I had a “mental breakdown” at the beginning of June 2020. What got me was anxiety. It has already been an issue for months, and it became uncontrollable and crippling earlier this year. One of the things my therapist and my GP agreed on was giving me chemical support, which for me meant starting taking sertraline, 50mg a day, which is a low-average starting point.

It took probably 10 days for the sertraline to kick in. And my life has been amazing since.

I am not living in a fantasy. My problems have not gone away. When I write that “Sertraline changed my life” I mean it at a deeper level. I am actually more aware of them now because I don’t have the loud voice of anxiety screaming over my thoughts.

Being free of uncontrollable anxiety is indescribable. It feels like my mind is finally clear, it feels like my soul has space to expand. Like I finally have the room to breath out my most inner breaths.

To anyone doubtful about taking medication, I want you to know that the stigma around it is stupid. If your therapist and your GP agree that it might help you in your journey (because the journey ahead is still there!), then forget about all the nonsense and help yourself.

Obviously, I am categorically not saying that you should start meditating by yourself or against specialists’ advice. No, no, no. This stuff can really be devastating if taken without medical supervision. Do. Not. Do. It.

But if it’s legit, my personal suggestion is exploring why you have a hard time with the idea and see if you can move past it or not.

Always follow yourself.

To me, sertraline has been revelatory. Of my self, my inner-self.

It feels like a long-lost friend came back home.

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